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Wonderful Cabernet Franc

Let’s hear it for Cabernet Franc

One of France’s most under-rated wine areas is the Loire; one of the most under-rated of all grapes – particularly for summer drinking – is Cabernet Franc. I love its cool, raspberry-accented, red fruit character and its leafy, even tobacco notes on the finish.

The other night I drank the Domaine de la Croix de Chaintres Saumur-Champigny made by Fredrik Filliatreau and his sister Christina on a ‘biologically oriented’ 18 hectare Loire estate very close to the river and just south of Saumur.

Fred Filliatreau

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Women in wine|the 19th century

Over a hundred years ago, my grandmother (then in her early 20s) was taken on to work at the Prudential Insurance Company’s Head Office in London. Men and women were on separate floors and her main memory was that many of the girls working there kept long white gloves in their desk drawers so that they could head straight out in the evening after work. Incidentally, there was a ‘language’ of gloves just as there was a language of fans. Holding the tips of the gloves downward meant ‘I wish to make your acquaintance’.


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